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After a hectic day, everyone wants to take a deep sleep which can help them to recover the lost energy. Since sleeping has an important role in helping the body to become active for the next day, one must have a good sleep in a proper and comfortable bed. A bed is a combination of various things and there are different types of beds available in the market. Generally people will be very confused in choosing a right one that can give them the comfort.

Different types of mattress

·         Innerspring mattress: In this mattress, the steel coil is used as a support system. The spring that is used here will be varied in the means of shape, coil gauge, design, and number of coils attached.

·         Hybrid mattress: This hybrid mattress will also use the steel coil but it is combined with certain types of foam such as latex foam, polyurethane foam and memory foam.

·         Water bed: Unlike the above mentioned mattress, this water bed will use a chamber of water as a support system. There are two categories in the water bed and they are soft sided beds and hard sided beds.

·         Foam mattress: Here one or more kinds of foam will be used as a support system. The foams which are used in this mattress will be differing on its shape and densities.

·         Pillow top mattress: This mattress will offer an extra upholstery layer at the top. Generally the additional layer will be manufactured with foam to fiber materials.